favorite character meme: [3/4] brotps

We were all raised by different parents, but we grew up together in the Glee Club. It’s a part of all of us. Of course you’re sad about it. I don’t have any more pep talks, I just have you guys and the memory of the people on this wall. My friends, we share this special bond. We’re the only ones in the world who know what this Glee Club meant to us. What it felt like to sing together—to be together. What it feels like to say goodbye to it. I didn’t come here to cheer you up, just thank you. Thank you for going on this ride with me.

@msleamichele: The adventures of #Daleastreet! @chordoverstreet & @DarrenCriss

With you and me it’s different, you know? Never had a… a gay bro before. We’ll be like Wolverine and Cyclops.